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Founded by Matt Foster

The PK Lab 

My name is Matthew Foster, born in Addison Illinois, and have been a gymnast since the age of 3. From the minute I stepped into my first gym, I knew this sport was for me. There is something different about gymnasts, we are special beyond belief  and learn countless life lessons from this sport. 

I started at Premier Gymnastics in Downers Grove and stayed until I was 18 and got recruited to The University of Illinois-Champaign. When I stepped foot on campus my coaches and Upperclassman taught me what it meant to be part of a team. 

Pommel Horse has always been my favorite event and I went to Illinois to be taught by one of the greatest Pommel minds in the world, Coach Daniel Ribiero. It was here where the "Pommel Krew" started. In 2014 I was teammates with some of the greatest Pommel Horse workers of the last decade, we broke records on Pommel Horse and did it as a 5 man unit. Led by seniors Chad Mason, Cole Smith, Jacob Tisley, Logan Bradley and myself. We coined the name the "PK" standing for Pommel Krew. It stood for unity, unwavering preparation, and our calling card that we will take on any team, any day, any time. 

Throughout my time at Illinois, I always wanted to find a creative way to give male gymnasts a voice. This website is going to change the world!

Mission Statement

The PK Lab provides customers the most innovative designs, quality materials, and positive feeling when you order any product. My first step is to turn the PK Lab into a reliable streetwear brand that male gymnasts feel proud wearing. The brand will be a one stop shop where male gymnasts come to pick out practice clothes as well as lifestyle clothing. I am providing clothes to highlight all the benefits gymnastics has to offer, as well as providing non-gymnastics streetwear to wear on any occasion. 


The PK Lab started by only selling clothes, but this website will do so much more! 

It will grow year by year with new features and become an interactive platform for male gymnastics.

I want to highlight USAG boys, Men's, NCAA and US Seniors gymnastics by posting videos, have rankings pages, create interactive activities within our community, review routines and rules pages, and so much more. PK Lab will encompass all things men's gymnastics and be an interactive platform to highlight the sport. 

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